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Ok! No real credentials here neither,but in my opinion after your edit that clarifies the idea,I think what would happen is during "low demand" when a single coil is switched on,it would try to do all the work all by it self and quickly go up in smokes unless there is some type of current limiting.
Plus I would design the motor so one coil is actually two coils,in a sense to utilize both ends of the magnetic field that it creates. Example: the south end of the coil would have a north pole of a magnet approaching and the other end that is now a north field would have a south pole of a magnet in the same position.(wich is exactly how the brushless outrunners are set up) Ofcourse the whole thing would have to be designed with all the possibilities in mind and that's quite the challange but for some (me included) that's the fun part.

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