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I think those Audi LED headlights are a $5,000 option. [edit: Wrong. they used to be a $5,000+ option on an Audi sports car, now, on a different model, they're standard. Captainslug's link is a little better for technical info

New all-LED headlamps are standard on Audi R8 V10 - AutoblogGreen ...]

slightly OT

what if daylight running lights were relocated to the front of the rear view mirrors?

Seems to me that that would make your car safer, e.g., more likely to be noticed by oncoming drivers, even when your car is following a vehicle.

And LED's would make nifty front-of-mirror DRL's.

Imagined rebuttal: It's illegal for a little car to mimic the light locations of say a Ford F-250 pickup truck.

Rebuttal to imagined rebuttal: You mean to say, it's written into law that my little 2,500 lb. car MUST remain UNSAFE? "Unsafe", as in: (relatively) unseen by other drivers?...even when this little DRL location change could make life safer for lightweight cars?

mods, feel free to re-locate this post for safety! or any other reasons!

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