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What does DFCO stand for?

EDIT - nevermind, I found it...

I have to say that this isn't necessarily "misinformation" though... this might be a safer practice for those less inclined to pay attention while driving, like most of America, for instance. I can see myself that properly P&G could cause a dangerous situation for a person who isn't experienced enough to handle it, and might possibly even cause one for someone who has more experience than any of us do... we know the odds of that happening aren't very likely, but a large part of that has to do with skill level of the operator too.

I also have to mention that pulsing and DFCO don't work together... at all, except in some automatic cars (some of them basically unlock the transmission if you let off the gas, adding very little resistance via engine braking, although it probably doesn't provide for fuel cutoff either.)

However - DFCO alone does work, which is what those articles are both describing... neither of them says to accelerate like a jack rabbit then let off the gas and keep it in fuel cut mode, they simply say that in scenarios where you should be decelerating anyway, it's better to use fuel cut than hit the brakes, like in the case where you're going from a 55 to a 45, instead of slowing down, just let off the gas, and make sure your engine is above it's fuel cut RPM.

I really don't think either of those sites is spreading "misinformation" so much as warning people of the dangers (and there are dangers) of coasting in neutral and shutting off the engine while coasting. (in a vehicle not designed for this to happen.)
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