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It's hard to get the camera in for a good angle of the motor plate, but I can read most of it I'm pretty sure it's the stock 36v GE motor, 3,200rpm, 98amp.

I want to check over all of the wiring befor hooking up a big battery pack as there is some mouse damage on the main battery cable, but middle cable is there with the wire going to the gauge as well, the key switch is missing the key and the switch was disconnected when I got it so I need to check on what kind of load that switch gets for replacing it, it's a collage town so I don't want to leave it parked on city streets with just a togle switch.

I thought about doing fiberglass over foam, and I might still do that, but cotton over basswood or birch plywood might be fun, I have also been informed that real hide glue is often used as a base on canves for painting, looked at a painting that was done this way and it seeme to make it reasonably stiff and cheap, figure a few layers of UV filtering urithane floor finish will keep it safe, at this point it would be a vehicle body that could have been made 100 years ago...
I'm also getting a phone call tomarrow from my current favorit battery supplier about some NiCad batteries, I asked enough questions, and it's their slow time of year so the guy in charge of batteries at the golf car repair place is going to search for a supplier of the NiCad's, less weight and longer life.

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