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Hey paul,
I was just sitting here skimm-reading and thinking, (I haven't had enough time to read the entire post), and I saw where you referred to being parked uphill, and flooring the accelerator,...blah...blah.... CONTROLLER IS NOW ON FIRE!!
This made me wonder, why does everyone use a standard tranny?
I want to use a small vehicle like a metro, (or smaller if there is one available to me!), with an automatic tranny, and a forklift main drive motor, and I have always wanted to find a way to re-program a controller so that the massive current isn't being introduced there every time you stop at a red light, then start off again in city driving conditions. I had planned on adding a large flywheel approximately 3 inches thick, for inertia to keep the motor spinning just like an internal combustion engine would, and not use deceleration braking on the controller, just let it free-roll along at an "idle" when you slowed down, and the only time it would be completely off would be when the main contactor was released (key switched off). In other words... when you turned the key on, the motor would gradually ramp up to an "idle" state, and you would be ready to drive off just like you had an internal combustion engine. The rest of the controller would be similar to what your are doing here for control. I have kicked this idea around for years, and wonder what you and other readers may think.

// sorry if I hijacked your post, blame it on me being a "newbie" here.

Bye the way..... you are doing a heck of a job on this project!!

I always did want to play around with this stuff, now I have a chance to do so
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