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I got the new tool thing from my brother today! It was a sort of a plexiglass thing that turns a dremel into a 3 axis mill, but it had a bit too much flex in it. It would probably work better if I added the 3 motors and software to make it computer controlled. I think a regular mill is going to be needed for heavy duty power board stuff. A decent micromill is maybe $500-$700, but maybe a regular mill would be better, so I could also make adapter plates that are actually centered and sell them cheap too. That's one of the other things that make an EV sort of expensive. It's just that they weigh like 500 pounds or something ridiculous. How the crap do I put that in the trunk of my Kia?!

I've been experimenting with small 0.1uF to 4.7 uF capacitors to eliminate some of the voltage spikes. The spikes are sort of small, but why not!? I cooked a tantalum capacitor that too high of an equivalent series resistance that I was using for spike removal. The top of it turned black. The MLCC surface mount capacitors would work better, but they are like 1 mm long! How in the name of Johnny Appleseed do you solder those things? Plus, it is magnetized! Each time I get a soldering iron near it, it gets stuck to it. What idiot thought that was a good idea? Makes me mad.

I don't like working. Sylvan at night, School during the day, family in evening, controller at 5-6am. grr... I need to go to sleep.

I'm going to take the electric car offline, and connect the home-made bike controller. I need to see how the bigger motor behaves with the software.
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