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Originally Posted by mcmahon.craig View Post
The smart chargers I have used in the past usually cut off at 14.4V on a 12V battery.
Dang! A 173v DC input to the black box then? The battery pack could be like the back EMF from the motor. Hmm... The black box could supply very high current to the batteries. You could vary the voltage to control the current going into the batteries (same as on a motor controller, but replace batteries with motor!), so people could choose the speed of charging. Some batteries have very low internal resistance, like my super fancy Sears AGM platinum editions! (Thank you Sabrina!) Those suckers can be charged at 40 amps each! I think current limiting might be a good feature. Imagine charging 144v at 40amps. You might want to check with the neighbors to see if they were going to use the power grid before doing that.
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