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So, how do you make a steady 165v input source? All the charging algorithm stuff is just gravy with a micro-controller!
The old K&W 20-amp chargers couldn't charge above 108V packs because they couldn't increase the line voltage. You needed a "line booster" to do that (and even then they could only do 120Vdc).

So here's a crazy (as in fairly loony) idea. Instead of rectifying, feed your AC line voltage through a full-wave voltage doubler. That should give you about 340Vdc to run through your PWM smart bits and charge whatever you want. It would also allow you to charge from a dc source if you put in such an input behind the doubler. I'd also definitely want an isolation transformer on the input of such a machine because those'd be 3 fairly massive electrolytic caps you'd have in the input stage.
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