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Originally Posted by mcmahon.craig View Post
The smart chargers I have used in the past usually cut off at 14.4V on a 12V battery.
Those Sears Diehards have reverse polarity, or dead cells, or some crazy relay. Started charging all 4 between 13.3V to 14.7V. 2 hours later 3 varied in the 13.5V range, but one dropped to 12.8.

Hauled the Diehard booster out and charged that low bat at 14.7 about 3 hours. Charge charge charge re charge. Pretty annoying.

I am getting to the point of buying 5 Diehard chargers, put them in 1 box (like an octopus with wires instead of legs; and charging all 4 (48V to 56V) at once, instead of spending a whole day charging.
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