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Enola Gay 2.0 - '02 Chevrolet Cavalier Base coupe
90 day: 40.44 mpg (US)

White-tail Hearse - '02 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT extended cab
90 day: 15.3 mpg (US)
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McCool, sorry I did not find your fuel log or vehicle in the garage... Could you fill in the details, you say

"I thought this was pretty good for a truck with available 4WD and a 327 V8."

does this mean you have the 5.3 liter 4WD or the 4.8 liter base model 2WD and put the Z71 stickers on it?? I have the 2002 1500 Z71 with 4WD and have been tracking fuel economy for 32,000 miles in the past 18 months and my best tank was 21.06 mpg with a lifetime average of 17.32 mpg. I have a scangauge and can achieve high mpg coasting down hills and driving on flat roads at slow speeds but overall results are going to even out.
If you have discovered some trick to coaxing out 25 mpg from these rolling bricks without any modifications (computer, areodynamic, or mechanical) Believe me you have our un-divided attention.
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