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I'm guessing he has the 5.3L engine (323 cubic inches). My company "brick" has that engine, an automatic transmission, 2-WD, and a soft tonneau. I don't bother to employ all of the tips and tricks that are discussed here while driving it. But....around town, it's typically a 17 MPG thing. On the road, running at the speed limit (on cruise) it is a regular 20-21 MPG thing, and I have seen the better side of 24 on several occasions. I too have not bothered to post logs (busy), but I do keep hand-calculated mileage logs in all of my vehicles, and I fill them up the same way each time (not to the pump "click-off" point). I have to admit that I am pleasantly surprised that Chevrolet's ads seem to be correct - "20 plus MPG". I know that mileage figures in the "20s" pales in comparison to what some of the real experts here are doing with hypermiling the small, efficient, modified cars, but....the pickup truck thing is unavoidable for some of us. And "twenty-anything" is a great figure for a full sized truck. Congrats on your mileage!
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