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Originally Posted by LUVMY02CREW View Post
... and the biggest [ecomod] so far.....changing my mind that I don't have to get everywhere as fast as I can
I'm a fairly new ecomodder and the only thing I've changed so far is how I drive. (any extra money i get i am putting toward an EV that i hope to build/convert instead of putting toward ecomods.) That is also the hardest thing for me to change because i am, and always have been, such an aggressive driver. What is helping me to break the habit was leaning how to use my Cruise Control so now i sit back and let it control me at 55MPH on the highway instead of my usual 85+. Granted, the CControl isn't the most efficient way to spend your gas, but for breaking the speeding habit it can do wonders.
It's still hard at times for me to stay dedicated to slow-go, but regular visits to this site help me know I'm not alone in wanting to change MPG standard (and it makes me smile when i think about how I'm sticking it to Big Oil a little more each mile i drop in speed)

When you say that the biggest thing you've accomplished with your Eco modding is your speed, you hit the nail right on the head there. It's not only the biggest fuel saver, but the biggest achievement an Ecomodder can accomplish IMHO.

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