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Sorry, but we are flying blind here. The mpguino was designed to hook up to an injector, not a computer. We do not know what the computer is doing to the signal without first accurately comparing it to an injector signal and running several scenarios.

The computer could be adding offsets, it could be porportional, it could be non-linear, it could be some really weird function. If you want to avoid using an injector lead and still be accurate, you have a lot of work to sort out with this proposed signal, and it all starts with a known point of reference (i.e. a calibrated mpguino) which requires you to tap an injector line anyway.

It would be pointless for me to look at code without knowing anything about the signal it is supposed to process, and even then I'm not sure of the value of it if it means a code branch for an unknown number audis that could just tap an injector lead. If I didn't have other priorities I would be more inclined I suppose, but I can't even look at this at the moment. You need audi ECU specific help or reverse engineer what you have there if you are bent on this path.
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