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Originally Posted by Christopher Jordan View Post
Those Sears Diehards have reverse polarity, or dead cells, or some crazy relay. Started charging all 4 between 13.3V to 14.7V. 2 hours later 3 varied in the 13.5V range, but one dropped to 12.8.
My personal experience is with Soneil chargers. They nominally charge constant-current to 14.4V and then float to 13.8V.

I am getting to the point of buying 5 Diehard chargers, put them in 1 box (like an octopus with wires instead of legs; and charging all 4 (48V to 56V) at once, instead of spending a whole day charging.
If you do that make SURE that the chargers are isolated. Check for continuity between the output and input leads, and if there is, it isn't isolated. Non-isolated chargers CANNOT be used in series or else you get blown fuses and general ugliness.
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