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How about a ford aspire?
I think they get 39mpg (yah, its below 40 but close enough) and I tend to see them for about 1K for mid 90s cars.
These last two are getting a bit on the old side though.

Thanks for the tips on the corrola etc.

As for the motor swap or bringing back to life a hammered vx... I've been doing lots of car work over the past several years and am getting burned out on it. I had to put a new transmission input bearing the HX I got recently. At least that only involved one trip to the chiropractor and one weekend on my back The awd eagle talon I brought back to life pretty much pushed me over the top. I just don't want to deal with having to fix about everything on a car. Some things are ok but it really starts to add up (time, money, pain, suffering, frustration etc) when virtually everything on the car is on its last leg.

As for the good deals on VX's...I see good deals but they are in ohio or oklahoma or rhode island I've even seen a decent one in boise ID but that is about a 9-10 hour drive when the roads are clear. I just don't think the VX's are worth what people are asking for them around here. And from my craigslist perusing habit I've noticed that they are on CL for a very long time...probably cause other people don't want to pay that much either.

so, back to the Aspire. What do you guys think about those for ecomodding?...or maybe an EV conversion?
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