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Home Brew Challenge for Electric Geniuses (make a DIY electric motor controller)

You know what would be really cool? ....

This friday i will likely be spending less than $100
on a very large motor. But to get my EV to go far
and fast enough to make me happy, I will have to
learn about batteries and Controllers...

The dollar markup on Motor controllers that handle
large volts and amps is amazing. Most likely, if you
built one yourself (programmable or not) then you
would save more than 1/2 the money. (simple
supply/demand for large controllers is probably the
biggest reason for the cost)

What would be really cool is if some brains on this
forum came out with an open source controller that
you could build using electric parts bought from Radio
Shack or Fry's Electronics that can serve EV means.

For those of us hoping to build or convert a vehicle
to EV - or to add in a electric motor for home brew
hybrids - the cost savings would be enormous.

Also, by having something such as this open source,
new members who are electrically inclined may decide
to attempt to improve the design once they join resulting
in multiple versions that eventually would be sufficient
for what ever an EV Builder's needs may be.

Now, as most of you aware, I know crap about electricity.
(i'm still considering taking a little 12v motor i pulled out
of a toy car and hooking it up to my car's battery to see
how long it can last on 500CCAmps)

Now that I've tossed the idea out there (i mean, for a home
brew EV Motor Controller. not for blowing up a toy motor)
I would like to know if anyone in the community would like
to step up and consider tackling this challenge (either alone
or with other forum members) to make this a reality.

While you consider, here are some example links I found for
smaller controller schematics and information that may be

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4
Link 5
Link 6
Link 7

Will anyone step up and attempt this challenge?

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