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Finding a cheap metro is not that hard, they are everywhere. Just start looking in back yards and stuff while you are driving around. All of them I have found so far have been from seeing it parked in a yard with a dead plate/no plate and stopping and asking the people about it. Probably about 25% of the time you can get it for either free or very cheap. Come back every 6 months or so and keep asking

Just be prepared to do something with it right then if it is free, even if it is just clean it up and move it to near the road. If you leave it and come back later the free metro you got might have either became expensive or they decide not to let you have it. So if you put some sort of effort into it they probably wont change their mind. If possible bring a buddy in a truck with chains and spare tires/pumps so you can take it away right when you ask about it.

I have found lots of good deals on atvs/motorcycles, c band sat dishes, cars, and lots of other junk by just looking around while I am driving and stopping and asking about whatever it was.

btw I know where a 01 metro 4 cyl auto sedan with a bad rod bearing is near me, guy is asking $400 but I know he would take less. Be a good car for a 3 cyl/5spd swap. Be a long trip to haul it home from WV though...

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