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For the key switch, you won't need much more than 10 amps. The only items running through the switch are the contactor coils, and some other low-amperage items. the contactor coils draw about 6 amps max (Reverse, S/P and in 'second' or 'third' is the highest load - but unusual for longer than a second or so unless you like to drive around backwards at high speed... they go as fast in reverse as they go forward!)

The headlights, brake lights and turn signals aren't switched by the key (the windshield might be, depending on which system you have - some ran from the 18v bus).

The switch is only an on/off - no accessory or 'start' position. There are 10 and 20 amp key switches on amazon for reference, (they look a bit big in diameter for this application) but you can probably find one faster as a local boat store or maybe a auto parts store.

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