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Originally Posted by Coyote X View Post
What are the specs required for a PWM controller?

I have built PWM systems for a few things, I have built computerized nitrous controllers, r/c car stuff, and other dc motor controllers. The PWM part is easy, The high current capacity can get expensive though. But it should still only be a few hundred bucks even for some really expensive mosfets.
Let's give you an example.
(looks around and finds the motor that didn't work)
General Electric
Mod: 5BC 48 JB 711
Rpm: 1600
HP: 1
V: 12
A: 87
Time Rating: 60 Min
Amb Temp: 40C
Ins Class: B
Wound: Series
FR: 48
GEJ: 3122
Serial No: MXN
Fort Wayne Indiana
N.E. 180051 EA
that's a simple 12V 87Amp 1600 RPM motor. Maybe good enough for a 3 wheel trike (if the motor suddenly decides to work or if i rebuild it)

Just as an example - that motor on the controller's output
with 2 car batteries in series equaling 24 volt 750Amp DC input
(a ballpark of car battery amps)

could you do something for a motor like that?
(no shame if you say it's over your head.)

Myself, i'm getting a larger motor this weekend so the controller wouldn't be much use to me. but it'd be a good test for you to see if you can figure it out.

edit: LINK this is a simple PWM controller for a small fan.

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