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metrompg, congrats on your progress

(I haven't seen your vid due to my really really slow and bad internet ISP - don't ask)

The particular issue of HOME POWER magazine with the article about the pedal-powered video-player + TV is the Feb/March issue of 2001. (So much for my estimate that it was 10+ years ago). the author is Aaron Dahlen.

You must subscribe to HOME POWER afaik to read it. He was fairly technical as to methods of buffering the varying human-power output to make it usable for the the narrow range of input required by the electronics

He addresses some of the complications of powering a IIRC cathode ray tube TV with a bicycle set-up, such as, that type of TV requires a very big, but momentary) start-up current to establish a magnetic field (anti-gauss IIRC). Perhaps LCD TV's don't suffer from that requirement.

anyway the author was a fit fellow in his late 20's IIRC, but found he had to build up his strength and stamina to power that set-up for the duration of an entire movie. IIRC he was providing the energy for a VCR and maybe a 25" TV. old school CRT TV IIRC.

hopefully DVD players use less power than VCR's and I'm pretty sure LCD's use noticeably less power than what he was powering.

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