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EV S10 project budget forcast?

I am tossing around the idea of an S10 conversion. They are a cheap truck that I can easily gain access to and I can sell the unneeded parts for the cost of a truck.

I'm interested in figuring out the base cost (motor, batteries, controller) and the feasibility to cover my needs. Building costs can be considered later.

80km/h for 50km round trip to work
Factoring reality, i could deal with 70km/h, but should account for 60km just in case.

I would LIKE to do a direct drive to lose tranny
I can probably get my hands on whatever final drive gives highest speed for lowest rpm

So step one: what is the tallest final drive?
Step two: What motor has a continuous rpm rating with reasonable tires to go 70km/h
Step three: How many amps?
Step four: how many batteries?
Step five: is DIY controller feasable for me (computer engineer)

Please hep me stay organized and we'll work on each step, one at a time. So... Truckers - what are my options for S10 final drive?

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