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I never exceed 45mph on my drive to work, about 3.3 miles. 3 stop signs, 7 lights. Half the distance the speed limit is 25mph, but I coast better at 30mph so I speed a little. On average when I do my best to avoid the red lights, coast as much as possible, I can get 22mpg, over 350 miles/tank. As the wife uses the car as well, has a 1 mile trip, between the two of us winter mpg suffers to 19.5mpg over 1000mi average.

Highway mileage is far different. The lowest I've gotten was 28.4mpg, cruising at 85mph over rolling hills and climbing mountain passes. The best I've gotten was 35mpg, using all the tricks, pulsing up, coasting down, holding the rpms for best torque vs. load, never exceeding 75mph with the accelerator, only by coasting (got 104mph coasting with 5 people down one pass!!). I've gotten that unloaded (just me) and loaded (5 people, full trunk). Both of those are over the same route I can get 28mpg. Driving style makes a huge difference for me.

I'd like to get better intown mpg but stock my car and route don't allow it. I do ride my bike when weather is decent. I hate biking at temps below 25-30*F. Just too cold for this rusty Alaskan. :P

All this figures are an unmodified car, completely stock. Grill block would help, warms the car faster, but the 'stat is sticking, and pushing temps above 220* before it pops open, so I can't risk overheating till I get a chance to change the 'stat. Suck though, since when it opens the freezing radiator rushes in and temps plummet to around 170* and climb very slowly to 185*. I need a garage, some real antifreeze (not dexcool) and a tranny flush. The car needs work badly, and I haven't the time or money right now.

Edit: Neat! Peter you have a similar setup to me, cept I've the 3.1 and the non-heavy duty transmission.
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