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I dont have a metering device but do fairly accurate log keeping, filling with only 2-3gallons from empty and using the low fuel light.

It really depends on the terrain, AND the skill of the driver to glide with the engine off.

I'm improving all the time regarding engine off glides, this area is the secret I think.

My highway is better too as I'm using drafting much more effectively, without sitting right up someones ass for long periods of time. Quite often I'll slow down to let a bunch of cars or a truck catch up, and then join them in formation for awhile, dropping off after a bit and then looking for a new victim, whoops I mean group of vehicles.

Because my driving is a mixture of short freeway 95km/hr, rural 70-80km/hr and urban 55km/hr I can't really differentiate. My home city is very hilly, so sometimes the motor is off for huge periods of time.

However one things for sure. My ability as a driver to hypermile makes all the difference.

And these skills vary depending on the terrain, speed limits and level of congestion.

I'm getting better at pulling into parking places at 1 or 2mph with the engine off for the last minute or two. Sometimes I'm parked a bit funny. I went from 4.4l/100km to 3.4l/100km when I really concentrated on engine off and cruising with the bunch.
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