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Here's some more candidates for peak and hold (saturated should work fine):

Peak / Hold VS Saturated Injectors

Vehicle Injector Types Factory Flow Rating Notes
1990-'93 Geo Storm GSi Peak and Hold 222cc
1990-'93 Geo Storm 2+2 & Stylus S Saturated 222cc
1990-'93 Isuzu Impulse & Stylus XS Peak and Hold 222cc
1991-'92 Isuzu Impulse RS AWD Peak and Hold 322cc
1988-'91 Civic Si/CRX Si Peak and Hold 240cc
1992-'95 Civic Saturated 240cc
1996-'00 Civic dx cx and lx Saturated 190cc
1996-'00 Civic ex/si Saturated 240cc
1990-'91 Integra RS/LS/GS Peak and Hold 240cc
1992-'00 Integra LS/GS Saturated 240cc
1992-'96 Prelude Non-VTEC Peak and Hold 240cc
1992-'96 Prelude VTEC Peak and Hold 345cc
1997-up Prelude VTEC H22 Saturated 280cc
1991-up Sentra SE-R/200SX SE-R Saturated 265cc
1991-up MR2 Turbo Peak and Hold 440cc
1987-'92 Supra Turbo Peak and Hold 440cc
1993-up Supra non-Turbo Saturated 315cc
1993-up Supra Twin-Turbo Peak and Hold 550cc
2000-up Celica GT-S Saturated 310cc
1990-up Miata 1.6-liter Saturated 215cc
1993-up Miata 1.8-liter Saturated 240cc
1984-85 RX-7 195500-0900 Peak and Hold 680cc Orange Top
1986-87 RX-7 195500-1350 Peak and Hold 460cc Red Top
1986-87 RX-7 195500-1370 Peak and Hold 550cc Tan Top
1988 RX-7 195500-1350 Saturated 460cc Purple Top
1988 RX-7 195500-1370 Saturated 550cc Purple Top
1989-91 RX-7 195500-2010 Saturated 460cc Red Top
1989-91 RX-7 195500-2020 Saturated 550cc Purple Top
1993-up RX-7 Twin-Turbo Saturated Primary 550cc Secondary 850cc
1990-'96 300ZX Twin-Turbo Saturated 370cc
1991-up 3000GT/Dodge Stealth non-turbo Saturated 210cc
1991-up 3000GT VR-4/ Dodge Stealth R/T TT Peak and Hold 360cc
1989-up Eclipse/Laser/Talon Turbo/non-turbo Peak and Hold 450cc Blue Top(95+ Black top)
390cc Tan top
240cc Orange/pink Top
210cc Light Tan Top
Mitsubishi EVO Peak and Hold 510cc Yellow Top (1-3) 560cc Red top (4+)
1986-89 Ford turboCoupe Peak and Hold 35lb/hr Brown Top 30lb/hr Green Top

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