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Daveedo, you've got it backwards. Offroaders use high numbers so they can spin up their motors and keep the wheels slow. I need to keep my motor slow and spin up the wheels. Here's what I guesstimate based on an advertisement for a Warp motor I saw the other day... Continuous 5krpm. Given 1:1 to the wheels, a 26" tire (0.66m, i'm going metric), the circumference is 2.07m, so i'd be going 1014m/min ~= 60km/h... so to go 80km/h i need 1.3 wheel revs per motor rev, so that would mean a 0.75:1 real axel... i think i'm in the "that doesn't exist" territory. Crap.

Okay, new thought - why do people leave it in gear? Why i can't I shift gears like a normal car? Is it the "unloaded" overrevving between shifts? Could i just drop throttle, depress clutch, change gear, slip clutch in, get back on throttle?
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