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Originally Posted by dichotomous View Post
its a very rare thing for a car to be running 14.7:1..... on accelleration it uses much more fuel, more like 12-10:1, on deccel it uses less fuel, it almost never uses 14.7:1 though.
to know your fuel, you need something to monitor the flow of fuel per mile, which likely only the computer will tell you
I totally disagree. Any modern car will likely run at 14.7:1 a good majority of the time if not more. I've monitored closed vs open loop on my matrix (which also has a wideband O2 sensor in it which I've monitored) and that sucker stays in closed loop 95%+ of the time. Only at 3000+ rpm and WOT does it break into open loop. If you back off the throttle a small amount you drop back into closed loop unless you are at very high rpms. Maybe its just a very well designed engine, but I can't believe others would be that much worse.
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