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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
Jamesqf - how much of your high mileage trips are done coasting with the engine off?
It's hard to say, because I only rarely coast with engine off. The Insight has the mode where the fuel is cut off, and the hybrid system is recharging the battery. The occasions I do shut the engine off are mostly in the winter, when the system otherwise keeps fuel flowing to try to keep the engine temp up.

I don't think those would be my best trips, anyway, at least if I figured round-trip, since I'm climbing a mountain on one half, coasting on the other, and lose a little bit more FE uphill than I get back on the downhill. I'd guess that I average right around 70 mpg fot the up/down mountain parts. The best are level or almost so, where the Insight's lean burn can kick in.

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