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I will try a few resistors this week and see what I can figure out. Adding a second set of holes right beside the zener would not really be an issue for the next round of boards but I still think a 100k trimmer pot would be best. If it was left off most boards like the pull up/down vss resistors. But have the holes available for anyone that needs them to run to radio shack and pick up the pot I linked to earlier. Even the pot could be soldered directly on top of the zener pretty easily, just bend the center pin over to one side, so a redesign might not even be worth doing.

I probably won't get much done tomorrow I have to use the van to haul some people around so I just had to clean my mess up in it today and put the dashboard back together. But this week coming up I will try a few more resistors and see what the scope shows me.

This might be more of an issue for the MPGuino than just 10-15%, since a lot of 96 up cars will have people that want to use an OBD2 type setup. And I would guess that probably every GM and Ford built TBI setup is peak and hold. So that will be a lot of people who have peak and hold in the 80-95 range. Also I checked the Holley Commander 950 in my kit car today and it is also peak and hold injectors

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