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Ben, the heatsink is.... HERE!!! YAHOO! It is way more heavy duty and fancy than I expected! It is going to work really really well! I'm so grateful, Ben! When you test it out, I think you'll be able to be that much more lead footed. Speaking of heatsinks:

I found that attaching the mosfets/diodes directly to the heat spreader, and then insulating the heat spreader from the heat sink is NOT how it should be done. I tried it, and I think the giant heat spreader acted like a big sponge. It seemed to soak up each pulse, allowing only a very small pulse to make it to the motor. It wouldn't even turn the wheel at 12v. So, the heat spreader will be bolted with actual metal bolts directly to Ben's heat sink, and the insulating sheet from Rod Hower will insulate the mosfets/diodes from the heat spreader.

The capacitor side of the pcb in ExpressSCH is finished. Accurate to +/- 0.5 mm.

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