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To put water injection in a fuel injected car you use a jobber windshield washer pump to pump the water, you take the voltage from the throttle position sensor to power the pump, this controls the speed of the pump to regulate the flow. You take a small hypodermic needle the size a diabetic uses the water is pumped through it, then you drill a tiny hole in the plastic of the air intake directly above the throttle body and poke the needle in there. If you need less water use a smaller needle, or bigger one if you need more. You use about 5% water to gasoline. Then you do performance tests to see how much water to use. You don't use too much water or you will start to wash the oil off the cylinder walls. You want almost no water when its idling. You don't want no water when the the engine is cold so you put it on a toggle switch and don't turn it on till the engine is warm. You can use windshield washer fluid in the winter.

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