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Originally Posted by blueflame View Post
Cd: engaging drive from neutral when moving in an auto requires you to rev the engine up then move the shift to drive while the motor is still spinning, immediately after you have removed your foot of the gas.

Much like a 'double the clutch' technique.

Dont know if you guys use that phrase.
Thank you !

I'll try that the next time that I drive. I really appreciate the tip, since this may change my driving style completely ( more coasting ).
I have always noticed that the engine revs up when I get that stutter before shifting back.
In my mind I thought that revving the engine manually before shifting back might have damaged the engine / transmission .

Geez ... how foolish of me, since I have probably been doing more damage by not revving the engine.

I notice that above 50 MPH or so, the car does not shudder and slow, and at around 60 MPH, the change back to 'drive' is completely seamless.The engine also does not rev by itself.

Thanks again for the tip.

If this is already a 'sticky', I missed it.

Hey folks, thanks for posting your mileage figures, but can we all mention whether we drive a manual or an automatic ?
Thanks !
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