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What is your

Let me say something before I respond.It requires a minimum of 22-miles of continuous driving at 50-mph to warm a car up.The short commutes many of you members are reporting on are all for"cold" cars and all your mileage would be higher under fully warmed conditions.I suffer from the same situation,as my commute to Denton is only 6-miles,so the T-100 is never "warm" either,except for "out-of-town" travel.------------------- All that mentioned,the truck does low 20s if forced into extended urban driving.Mixed-commuting with tools and building materials on board is in the 26-mpg range.The truck does around 36.5 mpg at 55-mph.It does 32-mpg at 70-mph,falls off to 31 above 75-mph.At a constant 45-mph it gets 39-mpg and if the City of Denton would syncronize the traffic lights,would get above 40 mpg in town.Is that muddy enough water for you?
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