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Originally Posted by blueflame View Post
Cd: engaging drive from neutral when moving in an auto requires you to rev the engine up then move the shift to drive while the motor is still spinning, immediately after you have removed your foot of the gas.

Much like a 'double the clutch' technique.

Dont know if you guys use that phrase.
not true. If I rev-match my GP it'll downshift and start accelerating. GM decouples the engine ob coasting situations, even at highway speeds. While coasting at 80mph down a pass my engine is at about 1600rpm. If I put it in N it drops to 1200rpm, sometimes 900rpm. There is nearly no engine braking ability with my transmission.

There's one pass I enjoy rockin' down, and I've found N vs D results in 5mph difference of speed, ie 97mph vs 102mph coasting, 97mph being in Drive.
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