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Your encouraging words me a lot to us, Eric! And your dogs are adorable, too! My wife loved the boarder on the second picture. (She does lots of video and picture editing) Our baby loves dogs, but we don't have one yet. I think we should get a big one like your labs. He would love that. Your mos-doggies will be used to help people drive down the road without letting out poisonous fumes! Then your real dogs won't have to choke on stinky air every time they go outside.

I'm doing up a word document that has all the coordinates in millimeters (upper left is 0,0 because of all my dang video game programming, it's a habit) for drill points of the PCB, their diameter, and etching paths. Also, the picture will be saved as a JPG scaled correctly. So, if you choose to print it, you can then lay the ink onto the PCB, and then etch/drill it that way, or you can convert the document with the coordinates to a file that a CNC can read, and it will do everything for you.

It's just the first draft PCB layout. I think it will be good, though.
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