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OK, so I've got good news, and I've got some freakin awesome news!

Good news: Open Source contoller price just dropped by 150 - 56 = $94. Let me say that again: Take $94 off that controller price! The EVTech group just brought to my attention a new mosfet that is 200v, about 2 times as efficient as the other 200v mosfets that I was about to order, and if you buy them in bulk, they are $5.68 each! The other 200v mosfets were about $15 in bulk.

Other good news: It may be possible to increase the current limit rather significantly with the same number of components with some tricky coding! Ian brought this to the EVTech group's attention. It is really cool! More info on this soon! Like maybe 144v 1000amp under certain circumstances, and 144v 500amp safely!
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