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Originally Posted by Katmandu View Post
Come on now. Get a grip. You guys are "SPLITTING HAIRS" worrying about alternator drag and it's effects on MPG.

These alternators are so small to begin with that they do enough just keeping your battery charged.

If you're willing to risk a DEAD battery (out in the middle of nowhere) for the sake of increasing MPGs. Knock yourself out.

Medication for OCD is cheaper than AAA and a new battery. Just think of all the time/energy/$$ you'll spend just to save (1) MPG.
"Knock yourself out.."

You might find it interesting that one of the european manufacturers, BMW or MB, I don't remember which, is installing a slightly larger battery and only allowing the alternator to go into charge mode during coastdown or braking periods. Except if the battery charge begins to get "too" low.
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