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Hmm, I don't know about the distributor. That's one of the things missing from the wrecking yard car. But, supposing the 92 XFi and the 95 base both have electronic advance distributors, it it worth the cost of replacing the computer? That is, I'm looking at buying an XFi camshaft from Delta Camshafts on the other side of the mountains (in Tacoma) and I estimate that it'll take ~11000 miles of driving to pay for itself (gas at $2/gal). So, is spending $75, or whatever the wrecking yard folks want, going to be justified? That is, if it's only a 1% increase, that would be similar to getting the XFi pistons - of course, swapping computers is a whole lot less work than swapping pistons/rings.

Does anyone have data on the actually difference in fuel economy between the XFi and base computers?

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