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Originally Posted by MazdaMatt View Post
mosfets should be close together so they receieve the same current to the gate from the driver. Would it be reasonable to use multiple boards, each with a driver where all the drivers are driven in parallel. Presumably they have a high impedence input and there would not be a timing issue between them. Stacking for power would be HUGELY markettable and allowyou to expand/upgrade/downgrade or take one out that is damaged and drive home.
The only problem that could occur would be the lone board operating in limp home mode burning up as well from to much current. YET, there is a solution! Restrict the size of both input lines from the battery array to the maximum current for the board. Have a feed block that distributes the current to controllers installed. Car audio systems use this. Doing this would save time trying to current limit the boards and give you assurance that the limp home mode would not destroy the remaining board.

Here is a sample image... obviously you would need two blocks in our scenario one for each pole (+/-).
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