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gascort -

Originally Posted by gascort View Post
Rick and CarloSW2,
I like Iridium plugs in a small engine - several im my experience have gone 150k+ miles before needing change.
Plus, if I'm correct, won't larger gap size help FE to a small extent at low RPM?

By piston soak, are you referring to a SeaFoam treatment?

Kudos on the improvement, especially in January.
Yes, I have heard at least 100K miles on other forums, but I was happy with how they performed and wanted to yank the old ones to see if they had degraded. They definitely lost some of their tip. I can keep them lying around as a set of backup plugs.

The larger gap + low RPM is a great question, I just don't know. I am sure someone will pipe-up with an answer.

My mechanic was cagey with me. I watched him pour liquids in through the spark plug hole. He made me turn the engine over multiple times without the plugs to work it in. Then he ran the car parked in neutral while the exhaust cleared out from at first a white smoke to normal. He also air-blasted debris (loosened carbon?) out of each piston through the spark plug hole.


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