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Greetings ... from Canada (Regina, SK)

Hi all,

Been browsing some posts here and there. Thought I'd say hello.
Love reading what different people are doing to try to be efficient.

I myself am not a "car guy" by any means. Just got a bit tired being bent over by the dealership's overpriced everything. And wanted to be a bit less dependant on "the man".(since the warranty is over...why go back??)

May 2008 I did attempt and was successful at changing my spark plugs. Gas mileage was the ***ts and the dealership gave me every answer off the wall to coax me in.(i do not think my remote start caused bad MPG fellas...). I ended up changing the plugs, the air filter, and tried some throttle-body cleaner.(thanks to the gent at CT who suggested that). Performance seemed to be reasonable again. 444km/tank average.

With it being winter I've seen the MPG go to the toilet again. But am told with -29C to -40C temperatures thats bound to happen.

Over XMAS I had a heated garage (house sitting) so i got to go into the throttle body again. Was pretty gunked up. Clean as a whistle now.

oh, added a temporary winter grill block --- inspired by this site !!

Just had the fuel filter changed.

Curious ... for those in "frigid" temps ...
a) you warm your car?? and if so how for how long? or
b) drive fairly quickly after starting?
c) have you noticed a major drop in MPG in winter?
d) does shifting to neutral @ red lights really work ???

Fan of:
Lucas UCL - only came across it in OCT.
CT - Throttle Body Cleaner

I graciously welcome your ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Only through the knowledge of others and experience can I hope to be come a wiser, smarter, and eco-friendly driver.

Many thank yous in advance,

~ Marv

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