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Originally Posted by bennelson View Post

In our country, we basically flush toilets with clean drinking water. Sure seems like a huge waste.
Same here in Australia and government regulations in some places prohibit people from having "grey water" re enter the house so water good enough to drink makes a one way trip.

Do they change the law?
No too easy and not enough brownie points for the politicians. The spend millions building desalination plants instead. More votes there.

That said the uptake of water tanks to catch rainwater has been excellent and the use of water saver shower heads (9 ltrs / minute or less) is also going well.

Just as a comparison my water consumption from the bill about a week or so back is 50 liters ( = 13.208 602 618 gallon [US, liquid] ) per person per day.

We are in the middle of Summer and temp here have been at 43 C + (107 F) for the past four days and about another four days to come before any change in likely.

Oh yeah we are also in a drought and have been for about the past five years or so. Sort of forget about that since it is just routine now not to water the garden , wash the car etc.

Cheers , Pete.
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