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Suzuki Burgman modification (aerodynamics + gearing mods)

Last year I started modifications on my Suzuki Burgman 385 cc to look for a better fuel efficiency.
Inspired by the work of Graig Vetter I bought this Burgman early August 2008.
Riding it for some weeks unmodified to measure fuel usage. This appered to be 4.3 to 4.4 L/100KM. (54 MPG) Not bad for a scooter of this power to start with. I have a fixed route in driving to work. Mixed highway (75 MPH), road with 50 MPH limit and city driving with stop-go situations.
On my wishlist for modifing was also comfort. I like to sit upright so that I can ride without saddle or backpain over longer distances.
With the modifications as shown on the pictures this is already filled in. You hardly feel any wind which translate in more comfort certainly at colder days.
This is a big difference with unstreamlined bikes. Also some light rain is hardly noticed driving with streamlining like this.
The MPG improvement is not that big. I typical measure at filling the tank at the gas station that I have a 4L/100 KM (59 MPG) average.
I expected better, but realised that although I need less throttle the rev's stay the same and the specific fuel consumption per HP is worse with lower load.
The plan is for improvement of this to add an extra gear which will act as an overdrive. Gears are already cut but still to be implemented. And the gear shift mechanism must stil be made. Available time is at this moment the limiting factor. But this story will be continued when gearing is changed.

Two questions where somebody might have the answer.
Is there a MPG reader available in the market for a Suzuki Burgman of 1999?
Does somebody know where a BSFC map for Suzuki can be found?


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