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looking for electric screwdriver drill torque values

i've just started remodeling my house so i'm looking at heaps of work. to lighten the load after two days of useing a good old manual screwdriver to put together a wooden frame for a wall. i'm thinking of either buying a dedicated electric screwdriver of a drill that has that capacity.

my main question is what's a good torque value... some resonably prised ones where between 8 and 12 nm of torque but i imagine these where more for computer work etc... i've seen a nice discount on a 25nm torque but i'm not sure of it's up to the job.
in the real professional brands they seem to start from around 40 nm and go way up from there problem is their prisetag also soars

i don't intend to use if much for real heavy duty, i don't mind predrilling the holes, and it's mosely for interior wall construction etc...
i think i'll mostely be looking at metabo as a brand for the simple reason most of my dads drills are from that brand, and after more than 20 years of use at home they're still going strong... so with that quality i'm not going to be to picky about the price, but there's no point in getting something that's complete overkill...
so basically can someone give me an average torque range i should look at
and perhaps a clue about what would be the batteries that have the longest lifespan (in total not between charges)... as i'm worried the drill will outlive the lifespan of the battery and by that time there might not be any replacement battery packs available anymore for this type of drill

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