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Getting good mpg from my Fiero

I have a 1984 Pontiac Fiero that i have been working on to get some good mpg numbers from. My last tank wasn't that great for some reason. I went 175 miles on 7.4 gallons, which equates out to 23.5 mpg. To me, this is horrible. I had installed my vacuum gauge about halfway through my last tank. Towards the end of my tank i took off my antenna, and covered my directional holes with Plexiglas. I do not think it will make that much difference, but why not right?

Right now i have snow tires on the rear, which are pretty tall. I also have 100 pounds of weight in the front because i need weight up there to track well in the snow. All 4 tires are all up to pressure.

Last summer i achieved 37mpg on the highway, being very easy to not go too fast. I did some drafting of some big rigs to achieve this haha.

Because it is winter, i let my car idle for a few minutes before i leave for school. Does anyone think that this could make that much of a difference?

In the Summer my all around mpg was 28ish.

Anyone have any ideas? lol
Thanks in advance

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