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I found a web site forum (View topic - 1992 GEO METRO Convertable to XFI Status • with reference to using the XFi computer in a base Metro. Assuming the information is correct, it would seem that the computer by itself will improve economy and is therefore worth getting.

Now on to transaxles again... What's the drivability like with a 3.52 transaxle with 13" wheels? I've read that some people are fine with it being dog slow, but some people opt to go with 12" wheels. Is it comparable to anything else on the road or that I've driven (the small cars I've driven are: '79 Mazda GLC, '80 VW diesel Rabbit, '83 Nissan Sentra, early '80s Plymouth Horizon automatic, early '90s Geo Metro automatic, '95 Geo Metro)? The reason I ask is that I found a 3.52 transaxle at a local wrecking yard but it's $125 more than the XFi transaxle.

Does anyone know the economy difference between an XFi with 13" wheels and a 3.52 with 13" wheels? Would it be worth an extra $125 or should that money be saved and when my tires wear out (which may be a while since they're new), go to 14" rims and get close to the same effect?

Also, would I possibly be hurting my economy by going to a 3.52 when one considers that most of my longer distance driving is on long hills where I routinely have to downshift to 4th just to maintain 50-55 mph (the speed limit is 70 mph). I imagine that with a 3.52 I would probably have to downshift to 3rd (which would be lower than base 4th, right?), the end result being that I would be burning more fuel.

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