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Cheap Fix for a Tranny line?

Thread extracted from an off-topic thread

The Patient: SkuttleButt, a 96 Ford Taurus sedan.
The Ailment: Leaking upper transmission line (right at the nut).
The Symptoms: Requires about 2 gallons of transmission fluid a week. More or less depending on actual driving use.
Examination Done: Visual examination with futile attempts of wrenching.
Current Treatment: Drinking plenty of fluids.
Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
I have an automatic with D and an OD shift positions (don't know if it's a true OD Drive unit or just an extera transmission gear)
No mods to my shift and RPM equipment, I'm afraid to touch it because of my current tranny leak situation. (up to 2 gallons a week.)
Originally Posted by RH77 View Post
Yikes -- I had a '77 Olds that I put that stop-leak purple stuff in all the time. It still leaked and got stuck between shifts when cold. Had to sell it for that reason.
Have you tried the stop-leak product? Which car, BTW?
Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
My SkuttleButt. (96 Ford Taurus) I could call it "S**tButt" because all that
transmission fluid ends up on the rear bumper and the sides of the car as it's
driving and leaking. So all the fluid i put in eventually winds up dried out on
the butt of the car.

The stop leak didn't work, i only tried 2 doses of the stuff (i don't want TOO
MUCH clotting in my transmission) The problem is a (cracked?) transmission
line where a nut joins it to the (engine? transmission? don't remember for sure
where it's joined.)

I tried to tighten it with a wrench to see if maybe it was just loose, but no
luck. it's on stiff and there is almost no room for a wrench.

BTW, it's been leaking this way for about 2 years. ($6 a gallon of transmission, you do the math) I'll be glad when i get my EV done.
Originally Posted by DifferentPointofView View Post
Waxy, have you tried putting sealer on the tranny line itself to stop the leak? or getting a new tranny line? (you'll end up, or already have ended up spending more on tranny fluid instead of replacing some parts).

A/C fixed yet?
Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
Heh, i skipped fixing the AC for now because i spend the money instead on that motor. (you know, the dead one that was too small?)

I thought about putting a band-aid on the line like JB-Weld or something, but when i tried that with a metal radiator line that didn't hold. Isn't the tranny under pressure, too?

I think we're off topic, btw. I'll start a new thread for this since a lot of curiosity seems to be out there.
There we go.
i feel much better now.

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