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Originally Posted by janvos39 View Post
You are right of course on the speed of 20 Mph for full clutch engagement. Therefor I intend to shift to the second gear at approx 40 Mph outside the city.
Are you intending to go with a taller gear for the 1st gear? As in:

Old stock ratio < New 1st gear ratio < New 2nd gear ratio


Old stock ratio = New 1st gear ratio < New 2nd gear ratio

I'm not sure if I read correctly, but it sounds like the former. The latter would actually allow you to get off the line better around town.

I think you might find the former uses MORE fuel in town due to having to rev the partially engaged clutch against the higher gear ratio, and also causes more clutch wear, along with very poor takeoff.

I think having a shiftable ratio for lower RPM's on the highway is a very good idea, if a massive undertaking. Please provide pics if/when you get around to working on it.

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