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Originally Posted by mikemoss View Post
What you said about the wot steady rpm thing got me thinking. bc 90 percent of my driving is highway cruising at 2000 rpm it would probably be easier for me to make a system that I just turn on when I get on the highway or wire it into the cruise control.


how did you alter the flow of water with fuel?

Everyone keeps talking about putting the injector before the throttle blade. Would it not work if you put it after the throttle blade? I was just thinking that it would be a lot sturdier in an aluminum intake manifold vs a flexible rubber hose.

The biggest thing I see is that it could cost too much to do. If I can put together a full parts list of stuff I will need and go to the junkyard it could be possible to do it on a low enough budget to make testing worth while though.
After the throttle plate means tat you have to fight vacuum. Before means that you don't. After the throttle plate works, but you just have to have it plumbed right, and make sure that you have a way to stopit from sucking water at idle
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