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Reprinted from my post on TeamZX2: regarding the actual costs of fuel economy. Isn't the REAL goal PERSONAL economy?

So, I look up the price and mpg of a Prius: $24,000 & 65MPG

How does that compare to a 1998-99 ZX2 that might cost $2,000 and get 35mpg?

Assuming 15k miles per year, and gas @ $4/gal, the data is as follows:
Prius= 230.77 Gal @ $923.00
ZX2 = 428.57 Gal @ $1,714.00, or $791.00 more than the prius

But the Prius cost $22,000 MORE than the used ZX2 (or pick yer used car)

So what is the payoff to owning the Prius? WHen do you actually save $$$

How does 27 years sound? @ $4/gal
If gas was $2/gal, it takes over 55 yrs to save $ with the Prius.

Things to think about when thinking "economy".

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