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Compressed Air Cars

This is a technology that fascinates me. Older than the electric light bulb, compressed air is in my opinion sheer GENIUS if for nothing else urban run abouts; although Tata will be making a 6 passenger minivan.

Sooo easy to roll out infrastructure, gas stations already have compressors, and need only upgrade.. Quik Marts could easily get in this game. And one of the proposed methods of recharge is swap out cylinders @ stations, much like you swap for a new tank of propane for your gas grille.

Think of it as an electric car that stores electricity as compressed air. Lighter motor than electrics, simple mechanically; no ignition or fuel systems, clean as "air", lower maintenance, super simple filling infrastructure, easily implemented at home.

Clincher: Scented fills.. Mountain Pine, Lemony Citrus, Spring flowers, Pizza, cinnamon rolls, Brut (by faberge).

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